Pastured Pork

Do you love pork?  We do!  Here at Autumn Creek Ranch, we love our pigs!! In fact, if I had to say what my favorite farm animal is, it would be the pig, hands down! On our farm, we raise only heirloom pork breeds. Our breeds include Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth, Mangalitsa, Idaho Pasture Pig and Hereford. Not only do we like preserving the older breeds, but we have specifically chosen breeds that thrive in our pasture/woods based program.
Our pigs are raised on large, rotated pastures or on our gardens over winter. They do a great job of plowing and getting things ready for the spring. They are fed locally grown barley, peas, garden produce and lots of fresh grass.

In addition to feeding our pigs a healthy diet, we allow our sows to farrow without farrowing crates. In the winter, we provide shelters and plenty of bedding for mother and babies. In the warmer months, they frequently farrow outside in the sunshine. We keep piglets with their mothers for approximately 8 weeks. Many farmers separate the piglets at 6 weeks and then feed starter feed to make sure the piglets grow well. We have chosen to leave our piglets with their nursing mothers longer so the piglets have a stronger immune system. We make sure to give our sows more food during this time so that they do not lose condition. We do not vaccinate or give hormones of any kind. We treat our animals with garlic, honey, homeopathics, herbs, a good mineral and essential oils.

What do these practices mean for you and your family?  Flavorful, tender pork that is also good for you!  Check out this article on the many benefits of pastured pork.


Ready to try some?  Look for our heirloom pork at Spokane Real Food Buyers Co-op, the Liberty Lake Farmers Market and this Fall at Share.Farm.You can also buy directly from us. We sell our pork by the whole, half, or in individual cuts. Price is $3.00/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees for whole and halves. To reserve a whole pig, a deposit of $150 is required. The deposit for a half pig is $75.00. It takes 8-9 months for our pigs to reach butcher weight- you can expect your hanging weight to be between 160-190 lbs for a whole hog.  Check out this link to see what cuts are available when you purchase a whole or half pig. you are interested in more information about our pork, please fill out the interest form. If you would like to place a deposit you can do that below.

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