Grass-Fed Lamb

At Autumn Creek Ranch, we love lamb and find our grass-fed lamb to be every bit as tender and flavorful as a really good steak!  Because of this, we raise four breeds of sheep – the Katahdin,  CVM Romeldale,  Navajo Churro and  Cotswold.  Each of these sheep have amazing qualities that make them a valuable member of our farm.


Our Katahdins are hair sheep, produced mainly for their awesome meat qualities.  Because they have no wool, they do not need to be sheared.  Katahdins have good mothering instincts and grow well in a grass based system.  Katahdins can also breed all year long as opposed to wool sheep that generally only breed in the late Fall/Winter.  This means we are able to have lamb available all year long.

In addition, we also raise three breeds of rare, dual-purpose sheep – Cotswold, Navajo-Churro and CVM Romeldale.  These sheep provide us with both meat and wool – the best of both worlds.  Navajo-Churro sheep also have the distinction of being featured on the Slow Food Ark of Taste.  We believe raising rare breeds of sheep and pigs helps us to preserve our food heritage.  To learn more about preserving the rare breeds visit the American Breed Livestock Conservancy.

All of our sheep are 100% grass-fed, the way ruminants were meant to eat. This results in tender lamb with increased vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  Check out this article about the many benefits of eating lamb.

Look for our grass-fed lamb at Spokane Real Food Buyers Co-op and at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market. You can also buy directly from us. We sell our lamb by the whole, half, or in individual cuts.

Price for whole and half lambs are $8.00/lb hanging weight.  This price includes all butcher fees and processing.  We require a $100 deposit for whole lambs and a $50 deposit for halves.

If you are interested in more information about our lamb, please fill out the form below. If you would like to place a deposit you can either do that through paypal or by check.

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