Autumn Creek Ranch

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This is Good Food! Good Tasting, Good for the Land, Good For You!

Farm Meat - Pastured Pork

Rare breed pork, raised in the beautiful outdoors

Farm Meat - Grass Fed Lamb

100% Grass-fed lamb, chock full of vitamins and minerals

Farm Wool

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed wool creations

Farm Dogs

Holistically raised Great Pyrenees and Golden Pyrenees puppies

Farm Soap

100% Natural, Nothing Fancy, Just Pure Clean

Online Health Classes

Because we all want our families to be healthy


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Taking Dominion

Looking for Heritage Meats like Pastured Pork or Grass-fed Lamb in Spokane?  Then welcome to Autumn Creek Ranch!  We raise rare breeds of pigs and sheep just north of Spokane in beautiful Clayton, WA. Interestingly, neither one of us grew up on a farm. About 15 years ago we read the book, “Nourishing Traditions” which convinced us we needed to change our family’s food choices. We had 8 acres at the time and decided to raise some chickens for eggs and goats for milk. We found that not only were we able to provide better food for our family, we were teaching our kids the value of working hard and taking dominion of God’s beautiful creation.

Now we farm 75 acres in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have raised nearly every kind of livestock but have found we have a special affinity for pigs, sheep and alpacas. Our farm dogs provide a valuable service in keeping us and our livestock safe. Our hope is to create a multi-generational legacy of feeding people well from this land.  We want our future generations to love farming and to continue being passionate about good, healthy food that is grown and raised, not manufactured. If you are wanting food that not only tastes amazing (you won’t believe how much better it is than store bought!) but is also so much better for you than look no further than Autumn Creek Ranch!  Its time we all returned to a local food economy so we know how our food is raised and produced. You are the beginning of a food revolution-thanks for partnering with us in support of local farms!

Snow Peas with Avocado Basil Dip/Roasted Cabbage with Onion

Snow Peas with Avocado Basil Dip/Roasted Cabbage with Onion

This week is haying week on our farm.  As I type this I have 17 people in my home eating lunch after bringing in lots of hay bales.  We are so thankful to have young men in our community who are willing to help with these things that can be a little more challenging...

Kohlrabi with Carrots and Thyme/Roasted Broccoli

Kohlrabi with Carrots and Thyme/Roasted Broccoli

This past week we celebrated the 4th of July.  We had some company over and decided to use a few different vegetables for our side dishes.  Because I am a health coach, I try to get my family to have a large portion of their meals be vegetables of some kind.  I...